Company history

John and Michael Metcalfe 1987

Michael & John Metcalfe, 1987

Founded by John J. Metcalfe in 1947, the company started out as an agricultural contracting business. As many know, John was a champion ploughman, competing in local and national matches for over 60 years and in 1971 competed in the World Ploughing Match at Taunton.

His son, Michael Metcalfe joined the business in 1985 and the pair focused on ploughing, drilling, bailing, sowing and harvesting Sugar beet. During this time they were also the first Father and Son to compete in the same National Championship Ploughing final, coming First and Second in the multi-furrow class.

After successfully growing and expanding the contracting business for many years, Michael Metcalfe was keen to seek new ventures. Equipped with a wealth of ploughing experience, and knowledge from over ten years of Agricultural contracting, Mike decided to start manufacturing spare parts for Sugar Beet Harvesters.

It was through Mike that J.J.Metcalfe & Son became the first company in the UK to use Tungsten Carbide on wearing parts, a technique that has now become the companies’ specialism.

With the eventual closure of York’s British Sugar factory in 2007 and the consequent decline of Farmers growing Sugar beet, Mike had to diversify into a wider range of wearing parts.

Now, nearly another decade on, J.J.Metcalfe & Son Ltd are at the forefront of the soil engagement industry, specialising in the application of Tungsten Carbide as well as having an extensive knowledge of high grade steels, proven heat treatment methods, hard facing and castings.