Many farmers and growers are finding that shallow cultivation and direct drilling can help control black grass more effectively than deeper cultivation, as dormant weed seeds are left undisturbed.

However, going straight into direct drilling can lead to an initial decrease in crop yield if the soil structure is not in good condition beforehand. For direct drilling and therefore black grass control to be a success, the soil must be free of compaction with a healthy worm population and plentiful organic matter.

The NG Cultivation System from J.J.Metcalfe and Son aids the transition into direct drilling as it relieves compaction layers with minimal surface disturbance and without mixing soil zones meaning black grass seeds stay dormant in the subsoil whilst those on top can be treated.

NG in Ground


Eventually cover crops, crop rotation and a healthy worm population will take the place of a cultivator and J.J.Metcalfe and Son’s drill conversion coulters can take care of the rest.

The tungsten carbide tipped, component based range of seed and fertiliser coulters enable growers to turn their Horsch CO series or Sprinter drills into direct drills. With narrow 12mm width points the coulters provide low disturbance drilling, ideal for sowing straight into stubble or cover crop.


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