The NG Cultivation System

The NG System on the Plowmans Omni-Til | Power in Action

The NG System on the Plowmans Omni-Til | Power in Action 2015

The NG System: An introduction

With soil types varying considerably in fields and farms across the country and internationally, finding a cultivation system that performs well in the majority of conditions is no easy task. With a range of shin, wing and point options the versatile NG System from J.J. Metcalfe & Son can be configured for optimum performance in all soil types.

The System has been designed with three key initiatives. First and foremost the NG System has been designed to create the best possible soil structure for the crop. In most cases gaining a higher yield per acre is more valuable than fuel or wear savings making this the most important factor when choosing a cultivation system.

Secondly, the NG System achieves the above using the lowest draft possible. However it is very important to take into account how the NG is creating the right environment for the crop before considering the fuel savings, as fuel can be wasted if parts are not doing the job properly.

And lastly, the NG System is designed in such a way that the wear is reduced to a minimum. The interchangeable parts help to get the most out of each individual component and the Tungsten Carbide ensures that the system performs well throughout its entire working life.

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The NG Catalogue

Consistently Creating The Best Soil Structure For The Crop

The NG System is designed with a small point tipped with Tungsten Carbide, the Tungsten Carbide self sharpens as it wears and cuts a track through the compacted soil. As the point is cutting and not pushing, the compaction layers are relieved instead of being compressed further to the sides and underneath the point, giving important drainage directly where it is needed. The steep angle of the Tungsten Carbide tile gives powerful shattering in hard, dry conditions as well as excellent penetration.

The choice of four wing widths allows the system to give the best possible lift in different soil types. Tungsten Carbide tips the leading edge of the wing ensuring the wing stays at its full width for its entire working life. This gives a very consistent soil structure throughout the entire field.

The wings are designed to run flat in the ground, angled to cut as level as possible, this moves a large amount of earth whilst leaving a flat sub soil. Due to the nature of this, subsequent operations such as drilling and spraying will be smoother, increasing accuracy.

The unique design of the shins is incredibly important, working with the vertical leg to part clods and stones before they reach the surface. The prevention of clods reaching the surface is key in retaining summer tilth to use as cover for the crop seed. The summer tilth provides good seed to soil contact which is essential for germination.


Low draft, Fuel reduction cost and Minimal wear


As a result of its ‘slippery’ properties, the NG System glides smoothly through the ground, not only does this reduce wear but also the draft and fuel bill. The self-sharpening effect achieved by Tungsten Carbide further reduces draft by cutting through the soil rather than pushing.

The point on the NG System is short, as the Tungsten Carbide prevents it from wearing, this small distance between the point and the wing means no unnecessary draft or fuel is being wasted on a long point.