The NG System on the Plowmans Omni-Til | Power in Action

The NG System on the Plowmans Omni-Til | Power in Action

The agricultural industry is seeing a rise in the use of cover crops and direct drilling, and why not, considering the agronomic benefits are reason enough for growers to decide to use these techniques.

However, the transition to direct drilling can be daunting and not always easy, yield can suffer in the first few years if the land is not ready. Eventually, crop rotation and a healthy worm population will take the place of tillage, but initially the NG System from J.J.Metcalfe & Son Ltd can improve soil structure to prepare for direct drilling.

In order for direct drilling to be a success the soil must be free of compaction, have a healthy worm populace and plenty of organic matter.

NG in Ground

Direct drilling requires the seed to be placed directly beneath the residues of the previous crop with minimal soil disruption. Worms help aerate the soil and reduce compaction therefore must not be disturbed. The low disturbance NG system is the perfect transitional subsoiler point. The NG System has the ability to relieve compaction without mixing soil zones, it creates fissures through the soil allowing air flow, water and nutrients to penetrate. The narrow shin retains the summer tilth providing good seed to soil contact which is essential for germination, and keeps the disruption of worms as low as possible.

JJM Direct Drill Coulters

JJM Conversion Direct Drill Coulters on a customers Horsch Drill

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