to fit Sumo

Sumo Grassland Cultivation Half Leg

Weld on half leg for Sumo grassland points.

Sumo Weld On Half Leg

Half leg for Sumo machines, enables the use of Sumo points on any machine.

Weld On Point

Steel weld on point for Sumo and Tim Howard subsoilers.

Sumo Point 2010

Point to fit Sumo subsoilers, standard point with elongated, wide nose to help wear rates and performance.

2011 Tim Howard Point (12″) with Tungsten Carbide

Point to fit 2011 Tim Howard with 12" wings and Tungsten Carbide point.

2010 Sumo Point with Tungsten Carbide

Cultivation point to fit SUMO 2010 with Tungsten Carbide point.

Sumo 2012 Wing with Tungsten Carbide

Wing to fit Sumo 2012 Point with Tungsten Carbide leading edge, point sold separately.

Sumo 2012 Point

Tungsten Carbide tipped point to fit Sumo 2012, wings sold separately.

Grassland Point

Universal fitting Grassland point with Tungsten Carbide tip.